Produced in the UK using medical grade silicone and comprising a micro bullet for vibrating function, Rock-Chick is a discreet design that can easily fit inside your handbag for those unexpected moments.

Rock-Chick is a unique product that stimulates both the clitoral and G spot erogenous zones simultaneously.

It comprises 2 sections, the lower shaft for insertion and the upper to rest over the labia/clitoris. The upper section also comprises of a top grip requiring a gentle rocking motion from the palm of the hand will send you into orgasm overload!

As the Rock-Chick stimulates both erogenous zones it is very beneficial for Women that either can’t or struggle to achieve orgasm.

Women that are orgasmic have found using Rock-Chick produces easier and more intense orgasms.

Rock-Chick is great for Women on their own looking for that extra satisfaction, not only does it offer a one handed movement but it can also provides “Hands Free Orgasms”. Once positioned sit up on the edge of the bed or a chair and gently rock back and forth, leaving your hands free for…………………

Rock-Chick is also a great partner friendly toy that does not cause intimidation or embarrassment and once positioned your partner will find your spot every time!

If you’re looking for an erotic toy with all the makings of a faithful bedside companion, you want one made out of a material called "silicone".
Vastly superior to latex or vinyl, silicone is soft and flexible, it warms up quickly, retains body heat, is non-porous and easy-to-clean.
Silicone is a great material for erotic toys because it feels warm to the touch. The texture is similar to the softness of skin, giving them a sensual feel.
Silicone cleans easily with soap and water, and unlike some latex materials, doesn't get sticky after being used. It holds warmth quickly picking up and holding your body heat (or you can cool it down in the fridge for the shock effect). It takes water based lube well, and will outlast non-silicone toys by years.
Silicone products are the only product for people who suffer latex allergies.


Only use water based lubricants with this product.

Before use please remove the micro bullet and wash the silicone in warm soapy water.

To sterilize, remove the bullet and boil the silicone for 5 minutes or clean with a sterilizing fluid.

Ensure the batteries are installed into the micro bullet as indicated before replacing into Rock-Chick.

Place the curved shaft into the vagina while resting the ridged contours onto the clitoris (see diagram).

Once you have Rock-Chick in position any movement will stimulate you’re clitoral and G spot erogenous areas.

For “Hands Free Orgasms” position Rock-Chick and sitting on the edge of the bed or a chair rock back and forwards gently.





Rocks Off Rock Chick vibrating G-Spot stimulator

Rocks Off Rock Chick - Pink